Spikey Keyboard Map

Spikey is an onscreen interactive map showing each of the keys that correspond to the characters in the SPIonic font.

This is not simply an inert map. It is a Windows application which you will need to download from this site. Once the program is installed, the shift keys and the CapsLock key "work." You can click them to show how that changes the characters produced.

Please note that you will need to have the SPIonic font already installed on your computer, because Spikey uses that installed font to display its characters. You can obtain the SPIonic font at http://rosetta.reltech.org/TC/fonts/.

Spikey in startup state: Spikey when you click on 'Shift' (CapsLock works too):
To install Spikey, choose the appropriate version (see below) of the setup file. Save that file (setup.exe) to a place where you will be able to find it once it's downloaded -- the Desktop is fine (you'll be deleting it soon anyway). Then run the setup program by double-clicking on it. After Spikey is installed, you can delete setup.exe -- there is no reason to save it.

Then you can run Spikey from the Start Menu.

There are two versions of the setup file:

Whichever version of the setup file you download, the end result after installation will be a 353KB program.

What's new in version 1.1:

An unsatisfactory aspect of the original version of Spikey was that its hints and annotations did not display unless Spikey was the "active" window. In other words, if you were working on a Greek document in one window and you needed to refer to one of Spikey's annotations (not just the map itself), you had to click on Spikey to make it the active window (thereby losing your cursor location in the document you were working on), then read the annotation, then click back on the document you were working on.

That behavior has changed in Version 1.1. Now simply let the mouse cursor float over the Spikey window and the appropriate annotation will appear in the panel at the bottom of Spikey's screen. You won't lose your place in the Greek document you are working on.

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