Forms for Chicago Bridge and for 8- and 9-Player Individual Duplicate Games

All forms on this page require Adobe Reader, available free here.

For best results for all forms on this page, choose "Actual size" rather than "Fit" when printing. (All forms were designed for (US) letter-sized paper (8.5"x11").)

For Chicago

For 8- and 9-Player Individual Duplicate Games

Note: Much more professional looking forms for 8- and 9-player games can be found at Richard Pavlicek's web site. I created the forms below for those who would like to have table guide cards in addition to, or instead of, the private guide cards that his site provides. In addition, the travelers provided here permit a 21-board movement, as well as a 28-board movement, for the 8-player game; some may prefer a 21-board movement to the 28-board movement that Mr. Pavlicek's forms are designed for. (In addition, the small travelers below print 16 to a page, rather than 4 to a page.)