BRDGPRN3 Information for Programmers

BRDGPRN3.DLL is available on a freeware/shareware basis. It is completely functional as freeware, but it will display a five-second self-advertisement when the DLL is loaded. The routine necessary to suppress the ad is supplied to programmers who register the DLL as shareware.

BRDGPRN3.DLL is distributed with Duper and Dynamic Dealer.

Printing bridge deals with BRDGPRN3 consists of these steps:

  1. Add all the hands you want printed to a queue, using the AddDeal routine.
  2. Print all deals in the queue by calling one or more of the printing routines.
  3. Clear the deal queue, using ClearDeals.

Routines and parameters

Important note:

All parameters passed to the routines must be passed using the Windows stdcall calling convention. Please consult your compiler documentation on this calling convention.

BRDGPRN3 exports six routines. They are AddDeal, ClearDeals, PrintCustom, PrintIndividual, PrintMulti, and AbortNag. Each is described below.







Registering BRDGPRN3.DLL

To register BRDGPRN3.DLL, snail mail the following information and US $25 to:

David Howorth
1420 South 10th Street
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

or send $25 via PayPal to

In either case, please supply the following information:

The information necessary to suppress the BRDGPRN3 self-advertisement will be supplied by email.